Life Sucks


But it sure beats the alternative.

Stand for the Flag

Racist Stop Light

I look around me as I sit at this stop light and notice that I am the only "White Person" that needed to stop. Does that mean this Stop Light is RACIST?

Quickie Lube

I don't go to the Quickie Lube because I like the coffee in the waiting room.

Baseballs Hurt

Let's all go to a game where the object is to hit a 100 MPH hardball into the bleachers and then complain because there is a possibility that we could be injured.


Facebook is changing it's name to reflect a better understanding of the true nature of it's purpose. It will now be referred to as ...

My inner chlid

My inner child is now over 55 years old.

Everything is cracked

Sometimes when everything's cracked, that's how the light gets in and shows you the way out.

Ready to Celebrate?

I hope everyone is ready to celebrate one of the most important days of the year. No, It's not Mother's Day or even the Birthday of someone near and dear to me, Today is the day you have been waiting for all year.

National Dance Like a Chicken Day

Walking the Dog

What part of taking the dog for a WALK does this guy not understand?


I can tell you again, but I can't force you to understand it.

Working Wife

Every retired man needs three things....a good truck, a good dog, and a working wife.

Cool Bands

I may be old but I got to see all the cool bands.


If you tell the hostess that your name is Toni with an "I". would you not except a table called for Tony with a "Y"?


I'm developing a new type of parachute that doesn't require a rip cord. It opens on impact...