End of the world. NOT!

I am sorry if you fell for all the hype and mass hysteria about today’s prediction but it’s not like it’s the End of the World.


This is the time of year for GLITTER (shinny dirt that gets all over everything and is impossible to clean. In fact the word Litter is right in it.)

Gun Free Zone

Use extreme caution entering a gun free zone may be hazardous to your health.

Hey Santa

Hey Santa,
Don't forget to fill up my sock this year.

Kill that Tree!

Tis the season where millions of people proudly drive around displaying their trophy tree carcasses for all to see.
So go out and “KILL THAT TREE!”

Check out the 1678 Point that my I bagged. Can’t say it was a clean kill though. In fact, it was kind of messy.

New Leaf

I tried to "Turn over a New Leaf " but I couldn't decide on which one.