Good Guns

It takes a good person with a gun to stop a bad person with a gun.

I care!

People keep thinking that I care.....WEIRD!

Stop Shaky Cam Movies----PLEASE!!!


If a man does something stupid once, its because he's a man.  If he does something stupid twice, its because of a woman.


The end is just the begining of something new.

Throw it away

Just because something is broken, doesn't mean you need to throw it away.


The best a person can be is of some use.

The best a person can be is of some use.

Shopping bags

Why not just make plastic shopping bags stronger instead of making the cashier double bag everything.

Speaker Phone

Do you really need to use the speaker on your cell phone in the middle of a busy restaurant? We don't all need to hear about Aunt Mildred's fungal infection.

There are limits to everything

There are limits to everything, after all remember that Joan River's husband killed himself.

Retirement is Great

Retirement is great but it really screws up your Saturdays.

Big Bang

Ever had a semi-truck tire explode in directly in front of you while driving down the expressway? That will leave a mark on your drivers seat!