Past Actions

Why do some people get punished for their ancestors' behavior that occurred long before any of us even existed?

Gender Reveal

 A gender reveal is appropriate for a baby but as an adult, it is simply a striptease.

Biden vs Trump Debate

Since Biden surely wouldn't be able to debate anyone without someone whispering into his earpiece, it would be hilarious if the signal got hacked and instead someone fed him the book "Green Eggs and Ham".

He would never know the difference!

Solar Eclipse Glasses


I purchased a pair of these SPECIAL glasses to observe the Total Solar Eclipse today and the things are broken. They are apparently not waterproof and the rain out here must have ruined them because I can't see anything.

Sand Dollar


I found this "Sand Dollar" on the beach today!

Birthday Month


I feel sorry for the mother who went through labor for a whole 

Service Dog

 What questions can someone legally ask to determine if a dog is a service animal?

(Question 1) Is the dog a service animal? 

(Answer) Yes, it is.

(Question 2) What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

(Answer) If I get hungry enough, I can eat it. So I trained it to play dead.


"Mansplaining" is when a man explains something to a woman.


When she explains something to a man, it's just "Bitching".

note: if you are having difficulty understanding this, then seek out the nearest man. 


When did WORDS become our biggest threat?


How does alzheimer's disease kill you? Do you just forget to live?

Killing Babies

Liberals want GUN CONTROL so people can't defend themselves. It's the same reason they enjoy killing babies.

Cracker Jill?

With the change, does it still have nuts?



Isn't it funny that there are NO Americans on the TV show "America's Got Talent"?